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You may have noticed there are not very many posts on this blog. Well, there's a reason for that: all the action is happening elsewhere.

I post things here that seem particularly permanent and/or relevant to Estranged and coming books. All other news that is more time sensitive, goofy, or random, goes to a number of other places. Allow me to be more specific.

  • Medium - The few times I do feel the urge to splurge my thoughts and cast them into the blogosphere, they will be posted on Medium. Unless it is a guest post for someone. More on that later.
  • The Mailing List - This is where the good stuff is happening. A monthly, one-stop shop of everything that is going on with Estranged and me. Upcoming book signings? New awards? Giveaways? Everything will be consolidated here with relevant links as needed.
  • Facebook - If you like to know what is happening as it is happening, then you should subscribe to my Facebook page. Anytime there is a development with Estranged, it goes up on Facebook first. This is also a good place to keep tabs on which events I will be attending, though you can also check out the "Public Appearances" page on this website for those dates too.
  • Twitter - Everything you get on Facebook, plus cat pictures and live tweets from events.
  • Guest Posts - If you really want to see me dig into a topic, check out the guest posts. These bloggers know how to get me off my lazy butt. New guest posts will be announced on Twitter, Facebook, and the mailing list. If you miss those announcements, you can always catch up on the "Public Appearances" page on this website.

That about covers it. If you have any questions about this post, or the shenanigans I am up to, feel free to leave a comment, or get in touch with me via the "Contacts" page. There you can pick from a smorgasbord of ways to get in touch with me. 

I hope to see you again, be it IRL or on the interwebs. Until then, cheers!